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Grind your beans if they're not already ground. While finely ground coffee beans are ideal for Remove the filter from the pot. Add one rounded tablespoon of ground coffee per four ounces of Boil water. Slowly pour over the coffee grounds in the pot so all the grounds are saturated. Be sure Place the filter and lid on the pot. For smaller presses, ones that make only one or two cups, allow See full list on

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See allSee more images of mr coffee press how to useWhen using a coffee press, you should stir the coffee gently and then let it brew for around four minutes before using the plunger to separate the grounds. That should give you the perfect brew strength. Once the coffee has brewed, check for any kind of residue or crust which may have developed on the surface.

How to use a coffee press

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The Mr. Coffee scoop holds 1/8 cup of coffee grounds 1/8 cup of coffee grounds for 2 cups of coffee in my Mr. Coffee coffee maker. When I purchased my first Mr. Coffee in the mid 1970s I was excited to try something, anything other than the horrible old percolator that was the standard in brewing coffee.

mr coffee press how to use

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Heat water in a kettle. Grind your coffee beans, if you haven't yet and if you don't use ready grounds (you shouldn't, if you want to appreciate the complex rich flavors of fresh coffee). Grind coarse for the french press coffee. Remove the lid and attached filter/"plunger" of the french press pot.

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