Melitta Single: Melitta MES2W OneOne Single Serve Coffeemaker

Single Serve Coffee Maker Brewer for K: Melitta Ready Set Joe Single Cup Pour Over

Place the filter cone on a coffee cup. Insert a No. 2 Melitta cone filter. Scoop in your favorite coffee to taste. Add hot water, then indulge in a cup of fresh brewed coffee. Dimensions:

Product Title Melitta Pour

Uses #6 Melitta® cone filters, filter cone is top rack dishwasher safe, slow-drip tip delivers a richer, better-tasting cup of coffee. Includes: Glass Carafe and Top, Plastic Brewing Cone, & Sample Pack of Melitta® #6 Filters.Ideal first coffeemaker for college student or

4.7/5(56)Price: $22.26Brand: Melitta

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