Single Serve Machines? Nespresso vs. Keurig?

For those that use them, which would you use? I know uttering of these names makes some coffee aficionados eye begin to twitch and corners of their mouth tighten up in disgust, but, for many the convenience and time factor for a quick on/r/Coffee · Jun 28, 2019I've used nespresso daily for the past 6 years. Let me say this: it's fast it's easy to clean the pods are 100% recycled so there's no waste the price is very good and the quality is very 12 votesGood coffee or not, I can never justify the amount of unnecessary trash the single serve cups make. I'd just make some cold brew concentrate beforehand and add hot water to 20 votesBetween the two, nespresso will provide a better product.

Nespresso machines operate at high enough pressure to produce actual espresso. Nothing that'll compete with a properly trained person operating a high

The basic difference I found between that sets both apart is the process and output The Keurig brews a regular cup of coffee whereas Nespresso makes espresso. I think both are still equal at the moment but Nespresso might surpass Keurig someday.


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