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Error: You receive "Drawer Missing" message when it is fully inserted in the machine OR an "Empty Grounds" message when the grounds container is empty. Fix: Many models have a micro-switch that is activated when the Grounds Tray is inserted.

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Jura Empty Grounds Error The sensors that are responsible for this fault are the two silver looking clips located right at the back of your drip tray. If your grounds container has been emptied and this error persists: Remove the drip tray and gently wipe down the sensors.

Our Jura ENA3 does not grind beans and displays a "Fill

Jan 02, 2012· Hi, Our Jura ENA3 does not grind beans and displays a "Fill Bean" message when the bean container is full. I have followed the instructions for removing a stone from the grinder but do not have a stone removal tool. I used a spline wrench to loosen the white plastic piece above the stone and removed all bean dust from around the stone.

Jura Coffee Machine Troubleshooting: Jura is not working

Empty the coffee grounds container and the drip tray The Coffee Grounds Container symbol flashes. The drip tray is not inserted correctly or is not inserted at all.

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If the micro-switch lever is broken, jammed or corroded, the machine will not recognize the Drip Tray is inserted. Replace the micro-switch, if necessary. The Grounds Container Tray was reinserted too soon after the machine asked to empty the grounds. Take tray out and wait 10 seconds before reinserting.

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Aug 31, 2017· Aquaspresso - www.aquaspresso.co.za We troubleshoot some of the most common Jura E8 issues, such as"Empty Grounds" or "Empty Drip Tray" errors.

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Dec 21, 2015· Jura tips and tricks - troubleshooting your Empty Grounds dilemma - check out our Jura E6 blog too!

Author: AquaspressoViews: 28KTake out the grounds basket. Replace the drip tray (without the grounds basket) into the machine and listen for some weird noises; that is an indication that your machine is resetting. Leave it for a few minutes. Remove the drip tray again and replace the grounds container back into the tray. Enjoy! Jura Empty Grounds Error

Jura Errors: Your Jura E8 Decoded - Coffee Machine Rentals

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If the "Empty drip tray" error will not clear then the metal contacts on the drip tray are dirty or wet. Wipe the contacts off and dry them thoroughly before reinserting the tray into the machine. Error 2 The machine was exposed to cold or freezing conditions, and the machine will not operate until the machine has reached room temperature.

Troubleshooting your Jura E8: Jammed Drip Tray and Empty

Aug 31, 2017· Jura Empty Grounds Error If you have emptied out your grounds container (located as a separate piece within your drip tray area) and upon replacing it, youre still greeted with the Empty Grounds prompt, simply: Remove your entire drip tray again Remove the grounds container entirely

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Information about maintaining JURA coffee machines. ENA 8. small, stunning, simple - freshly ground, not capsuled. JURA LIVE This one-on-one video learning experience includes product demonstrations and expert advice to choose the right JURA machine. BOOK A SESSION. Contact

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