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Coffee was first introduced to Europe on the island of Malta in the 16th century. It was introduced there through slavery. Turkish Muslim slaves had been imprisoned by the Knights of St John in 1565the year of the Great Siege of Malta, and they used to make their traditional beverage. Domenico Magri mentioned in his work Virtu del Kafé, "Turks, most skilful makers of this concoction." Also the German traveller Gustav Sommerfeldt in 1663 wrote "the ability and industriousness with which the Turkish prisoners ear

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Jan 24, 2013· Secretary of the Navy in 1913, Josephus Daniels, prohibited alcohol aboard naval vessels leading to more coffee consumption. Its a shortened version of two other slang terms for coffee: java and jamoke. Coffee is considered a common man drink and Joe is considered a common man name. Its a Navy Thing

Coffee is called Java because the island of Java is one of the first places it was grown along with the island of Sumatra (a well

Jan 19, 2009· The first asserts that joe is a corruption of one of two other slang words for coffee: java and jamoke, the latter itself a compression of java and mocha. Under that theory, a cup of jamoke

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Apr 08, 2013· In 1616, the Dutch founded the first European

With many blends found in specialty-coffee stores, the name gives some clue to the origin of the coffees involved. The simplest to interpret is the famous combination of Yemen Mocha and Java, the Mocha Java of tradition. Such a blend is not designed to save money, but rather to combine two coffees that complement one another.

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Buying Mocha Java Coffee Beans. Blending different origins in this way allows roasters to preserve the flavor the the tradition Mocha Java Blend even when exports aren't available from those countries due to conflicts within the region and trade barriers.

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Another way that Java stands out is with its cool name and logo. The steaming coffee cup logo is recognized by millions of people around the world. Java Name Origin

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The name Java originates from a sort of espresso bean, Java. Gosling came up with this name while having a coffee near his office. Java was created on the principles like Robust, Portable, Platform Independent, High Performance, Multithread, etc. and was called one of the Ten Best Products of 1995 by the TIME MAGAZINE.


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