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illy Espresso Classico Coffee, Classic Roast (Medium Roast) (40: Illy 60296 y3.2 Espresso and Coffee Machine

About iperEspresso capsules The secret behind iperEspresso is a proprietary brewing technology that never allows the coffee to come in contact with the machine. Each capsule contains approximately seven grams of perfectly roasted and expertly ground illy coffee ensuring rich, smooth espresso and coffee, cup after cup.

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21-count tin. Each tin contains 21 capsules of illy's legendary blend of 100% Arabica coffee. Medium roast produces a sweet, rich and well-balanced coffee. Thick, velvety crema that lasts and lasts. illy iperEspresso capsules work exclusively with the Francis Francis X7 and X8 espresso machines

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Espresso Compatible Capsules for the UK. One final step, before you can start ordering illy coffee and other goodies. At illy/Euro Food Brands, the security of your account details is of the utmost importance. You can review your account settings at any time.

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