How To Brew With An AeroPress Coffee Maker

Apr 14, 2020· Measure out 17g of coffee (ground medium-fine, like table salt) and get your hot water going. Shoot for 200ºF/93ºC. Once your water is up to temperature, place a paper filter in the AeroPress. Rinse the paper filter with hot water, then remove the filter and filter holder from the AeroPress.

How to Use an Aeropress [Coffee Brewing Instructions

Jun 30, 2019· Place the Aeropress onto your scale, pour ground coffee into the brew chamber, tare the scale. Start the timer, and quickly pour in about 220g of the 205F water. After about 75 seconds, give the coffee a quick stir, place the cap on tight and gently press out the coffee over 30 seconds.

AeroPress Coffee Maker Tutorial

Brew with AeroPress | Stumptown Coffee Roasters

AeroPress brewer. AeroPress filter. Grinder. 1 AeroPress Scoop (17g or 2 ½ Tablespoons) of coffee. Hot water just off the boil (about 205°F) AeroPress paddle or spoon. Timer.

how to use aeropress coffee maker

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How To Make AeroPress Coffee (Two Ways!) | Kitchn

Sep 25, 2014· Heres what you get: The AeroPress itself, a plastic plunger A cap for the end of the plunger Filters that go in the cap A coffee scoop measure A funnel for getting coffee grounds neatly into the chamber A paddle for stirring

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How To Use An Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker

Assemble your Aeropress containerAdd 1 Tablespoon of finely ground coffee to your Aeropress container, 2

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