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will WILL HD 07/04 12:00: In this breakfast-themed episode, test cook Elle Simone makes host Julia Collin Davison foolproof Everyday French Toast. Tasting expert Jack Bishop challenges host Bridget Lancaster to a taste test of artisanal bacon, and equipment expert Adam Ried reviews stovetop griddles. Then, science expert Dan Souza reveals the science behind why dull baking sheets are best.

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We review the best kitchen equipmentblenders, juicers, food processors, knives, pots, pans & more. Browse unbiased & comprehensive reviews and ratings

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The Best Burr Grinders | Cook's Illustrated

Burr grinders are the norm in the coffee industry, and now household brands such as Breville, Hamilton Beach, and KitchenAid are offering them for home users. To find out more about this popular grinding method, we tested 10 models priced from about $30.00 to $200.00, all with metal burrs and at least eight grind settings, and compared them to

Classic French Fries | Cook's Illustrated

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How to Make Coffee | Cook's Illustrated

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Get unbiased & comprehensive reviews and ratings for the best kitchen equipment. Watch our test cooks and TV show cast test blenders, juicers, food processors, knives, pots, pans & more.

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Cook's Illustrated performs meticulous reviews to discover great cooking and baking equipment. On this page you'll find products recommended by Cook's Illustrated/America's Test Kitchen. Stainless Steel Frieling French Press, Brushed or Mirror Finish $79.95 - $119.95 Cookware Norpro Tortilla Press $16.99. RSVP Onion Goggles,

French Press Coffee Makers - Episodes, Recipes & Reviews

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Electric Deep-Fryers | Cook's Country

Electric deep-fryers promise to take the fear out of deep frying. They are purported to make frying easier, safer, and less messy than frying in a Dutch oven with a probe thermometer attached, which is how we typically deep-fry foods in the test kitchen. The machines are essentially metal bins with

The Best French Press Coffee Makers | Cook's Illustrated

The French press (or cafetière à piston, as the French call it) uses a piston-like mechanism to force ground coffee through hot water, sending the spent grounds to the bottom of the pot and leaving a full-bodied brew on top. Oily and thick from minute particles of the grind suspended in the brew

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