List of Coffee Shops in Uganda

What types of coffee are typical of Uganda? Coffee is produced into two types; Arabic coffee that brings in about 20% of yearly National Coffee production and Robusta coffee that harvests around 80% of the coffee produced yearly. Robusta Coffee is best grown in areas of East, west, southeast and in the central part of Uganda.

List of coffee varieties

coffee types in uganda

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Types of Coffee in Uganda

Arabica Coffee which contributes about 20% of the annual National Coffee produce andRobusta Coffee which contributes about 80% of the Coffee produced in Uganda annually.

Uganda Coffee Guide: Best Coffee Shops and Industry

Was this helpful?People also askWhat is coffee in Uganda?What is coffee in Uganda?Uganda Coffee Beans. Most coffee grown in Uganda (80%) is of the varietal varietal Robusta (Coffea canephora var. robusta), with the other 20% comprising Arabica varietals Typica, SL 14, SL 28 and Kent. Also grown in Uganda is the Arabica cultivar Bugishu / Bugisu (Coffea arabica var.

Uganda Coffee

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Coffee production in Uganda

Tanzanian Peaberry Coffee. The number one best coffee brand in Africa, and the rest of the world Ethiopian Harrar Coffee. This coffee, as preceded by the coffee production of Ethiopia, is full of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee. Ethiopian coffee is known for its spicy and fragrant nature, and that is Kenya AA Coffee. Not only is Kenya AA Coffee one of the biggest coffee brands in Africa, it is also See full list on

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